In one word, profitable.

Events have the option of retaining the carver's artworks for sale or auction, or both. All events choosing this option can recoup nearly all cost. You can even make a profit. Not from selling or auctioning carving, but from the drawing in of spectators and repeat customers and media attention. No other entertainment offers so much.

Why Host a Chainsaw Woodcarving Show?

In one word, amazing!

Starting with a 3-foot tall log, while the chainsaw roars and dust flies, the carver performs an artistic ballet. With spectators in awe of the speed and ability, he can produce an intricate work of art in as little as 30 minutes.

The contrast of the noisy, dangerous, powerful, awkward tool, and the carver's incredible precision and skill are sure to captivate all. Coupled with the universal appeal of art and nature, the work enchants young and old alike. An act this visually impressive frequently elicits valuable media attention.

I can perform up to 4 shows daily, lasting 30-60 minutes each. I will start and finish a 2-4 foot tall carving at every show. You may also engage we to sculpt a larger than life work of art of your choice. Custom designs are available to match your logo.

I also have the option to work with other professional wood carvers specializing in the same field. Strictly some of the best. You can host a powerful carving competition or non-stop carving entertainment.

What is a Chainsaw Woodcarving Show?